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that embarrassing moment when a fan tries to send in hate about themselves to get recognized when no one would simply care about any of the things said at all.

You become the prey again #selfie #needtogobacktosleepplease 💤

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These guys definitely deserved a bigger crowd than they had last night, since they were honestly the best band there. But glad to say @aliciavigil and I are huge fans of another band now 😜 hahaha 🚚👊 #backstabburial


Black Veil Brides
The Morticians Daughter
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The Morticians DaughterBlack Veil BridesNever Give In

#futurehome #yesplease 🙏

Can’t wait to see this girl again!! #twoghostiesintherightphoto 👻

black diamond #selfie

Hyrule Warriors (x)

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